Medical alternative therapeutic rhythms inducing natural electromagnetic healing and adaptation (Matrisneha)

The current database has polyatomic time crystals or 3D clock assemblies representing almost all major organs, cellular components and even proteins. Natural map of 3D clock assemblies are foundation of its functional operation in a biological system. Therefore, polyatomic time crystal maps of the biomaterials provides an opportunity for us to design wide ranges of bio-inspired molecular machines that replicates nested biorhythms and assists in regenerating and correcting the protein re-generation cycles of the body. Correcting the errors caused by injury could be speed up natural biological healing using programmed polyatomic time crystals. Mutation, evolution based diseases like cancer, alzheimers, perkinsons and biological agent driven diseases like virus and bacteria induced diseases could be targeted.

We plan to redefine medical science by direct, indirect and agent based interventions by developing rhythm engineering built therapeutics. Here are some of the fundamentals of the new medical science that we wish to develop.